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Buy Youtube Video Shares

Sometimes you need more than subscribers, views, likes, and comments to build the global audience you desire. Buying YouTube shares will help you spread messages about your channel and videos to a wider audience, drive organic traffic to your channel, get more views and watch time, increase your engagement, and boost your revenue. Buying shares is the best way to spread your videos across the world and get natural traffic.

Buy Youtube Video SharesYou should be buying video shares to increase your video’s visibility and engagement if you are on YouTube to make money or promote your goods and services. Getting people to share your content is a cheaper way to reach a wider audience than opting for YouTube ads. Besides, the number of shares on your video is one of the important metrics the YouTube algorithm use in measuring viewer’s experience and determine how to rank your video.

Our YouTube video shares products will help you spread words about your videos on all popular social networking platforms. We’ll share your content on different sources of traffic that guarantee you increased views and channel engagement. What more, buying shares will help you gain new subscribers, increase your view rate and watch time, and boost your YouTube earnings.

Buy YouTube Share To Make Your Videos Go Viral

Your YouTube content stands a higher chance of going viral when it is shared on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Although buying shares isn’t a guarantee that all your videos will go viral because other factors like the quality of your videos will also come into play. However, if you take time to create high-quality videos that are worth sharing, nothing will stop it from going viral after you buy YouTube shares.

Get More Subscribers And Views

The possibility of getting new subscribers to your channel increases significantly when more people see your videos. Buying shares also have a snowball effect; if a ton of people like, comment, or share your post, it will encourage more users to do the same. Furthermore, the more shares, views, and likes your content receives, the more your videos are likely to appear on the recommended-list of other YouTube users.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

It is no news that YouTube pays users for creating and uploading videos on the platform, but not every YouTuber is qualified for this payment. Before you can monetize your channel and start earning money on YouTube, you must meet specific criteria. The amount you will earn depends on the number of subscribers you have and other interaction and engagement metrics like shares, comments, dislikes, likes, and more. Here are some conditions you must meet before you can start earning money on YouTube:

  • The first thing to do is to link your Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel. You can create a new Google AdSense account if you don’t have one.
  • You must grow the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel to at least 1,000.
  • To qualify for monetization, you must have at least 4,000 hours of watch time over 12 months.
  • You must accept and follow YouTube’s guidelines and policies.

Is There A Chance That The Shares I Buy Will Disappear?

No, we guarantee that the shares you buy will never decrease or disappear. The shares we’ll add to your videos are from real people who have large social media following. Our YouTube shares will drive organic traffic to your video and boost your content interaction rate. We don’t use automated software or bots to deliver our products.

How to buy YouTube Shares?

Get Youtube Video SharesNow that you know the benefits of buying shares for your videos; follow these steps to buy shares now:

  • Select the packet that suits your needs
  • Paste the link to your video in the provided box
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Pay for your order

Once you complete payment and we verify it; we’ll add the YouTube shares to your videos immediately.

Why Star YouTube?

  • We Offer Real Shares – Star YouTube is known for always offering YouTube services that guarantee you fast and long-lasting results. The shares you will get are from real people with large social media following. We don’t use bots, scripts, or automated software to deliver our products.
  • Instant Delivery – We’ll add the products you purchase immediately we confirm your payment. Whether you are buying shares, likes, dislikes, comments, or views, we guarantee same-day delivery for all our services.
  • Risk-Free – Buying YouTube shares from us is safe and risk-free. The shares we add to your videos will never decrease or go away. Also, our services won’t hurt your channel or get your content banned.
  • Secure Payment – You can make payment via PayPal, bitcoin, or credit/debit card. All our payment systems are secured and trusted. We’ll never ask for your password or any personal information to deliver the products you buy.
  • 24/7 Live Support – We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you resolve any issues. Our team of friendly and professional social media experts are always ready to help.


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