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Buy Youtube Comments

Why You Should Buy YouTube Comments

Thousands of videos are uploaded every second on YouTube, and they all compete for the top spots of search results. For your videos to cut through the noise and gain recognition by the YouTube algorithm, you need to have a high level of engagement on the platform. The measure of engagement for your channel and videos include the number of comments, views, shares, likes and dislikes you have.

Buy Youtube CommentsGetting engagement organically on YouTube can be challenging since you can’t force people to comment or like your videos. However, you can boost your content and benefit from social proof by buying YouTube comments. Social proof is the concept that people are likely to perform an action if they perceive that others are doing it, so buying comments for your videos will also encourage more people to watch your video and also drop a comment.

We provide YouTube comments services that will boost your engagement, increase your views, improve your social credibility, and get you more watch time. When you buy YouTube comments from us, you will get comments only from real users. We don’t use bots or automated software to deliver any of our services. Our mission at Star YouTube is to help you achieve your YouTube and marketing goals.

Benefits Of Buying YouTube Comments

We can’t overemphasize the gains that come from having comments on your videos. Below are some of the benefits of buying YouTube comments:

  • Attracts More People To Your Videos And Channel – Buying comments will send message to your viewers that your content is worth paying attention to. Having a large number of positive comments on your videos will give people the impression that your content is interesting and those that have viewed it find it valuable. Buying comments will increase your number of views, boost your channel subscribers, and improve your watch time.
  • Creates Conversation Around Your Videos – When you purchase YouTube comments, you are starting a conversation about your content and others who see these comments are more likely to engage with it. This way, more people will start talking about your videos, and your engagement will grow organically.
  • Offsets The Negative Comments On Your Videos – Negative comments can hurt your view rate and watch time. If people see a lot of negative comments on your channel, it will discourage them from viewing your content and also make them perceive your brand as inferior. You can offset the negative comments on your videos by buying comments that will portray your brand in a good light.
  • Makes Your Channel Look Professional And Real – Having thousands of subscribers and very little or no comments will make your channel look unreal. Buying YouTube comments will complement the number of subscribers,thumbs up  and views on your channel and make your brand look more professional.
  • Increases Your Bottom-Line – Whether you are pursuing monetization goals on YouTube or looking for more opportunities to earn money on the platform, buying comments will give your channel the exposure it needs to succeed.

Is There A Chance That The Comments I Buy Will Disappear?

No, the comments you get will be there permanently. People may unsubscribe from your channel, but they don’t usually delete their comments. The YouTube comments you purchase from us will never go away.

How to buy YouTube Comments?

get Youtube CommentsNow that you know the several benefits of buying comments for your videos. Here are the steps to take if you want to purchase YouTube comments:

  • Select the packet that meets your needs.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the video in the provided box.
  • Choose your preferred payment methods
  • Complete the payment
  • We’ll add the comments immediately we verify your payment.

Why Star YouTube?

  • High-Quality Comments – Unlike other websites that sell cheap YouTube comments and deliver through the use of bots or automated software, we offer only comments from real users.
  • Instant Delivery – We process all orders immediately we receive payment. Your comment will start showing on your page once we confirm the amount paid.
  • Risk-Free Purchase – The comments you get will never go away. Also, it won’t hurt your channel or get your videos banned since real people add the comments.
  • Secure Payment – All our payment systems are 100% secured. We won’t request for your password or personal information to add comments to your videos.
  • Impeccable Customer Service – We are available 24/7 to help you resolve any issues you may have. Our friendly team is always happy to help.


Want to boost your video’s engagement and popularity?

Buy comments now and watch your videos become famous on YouTube.

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